“Megan Samarin as Cato’s daughter was simply radiant and ‘owned’ the Stage with a confidence both vocally and physically.” By Susan Galbraith – DC Theater Scene 


“Like her music, Samarin’s Olga is skittish and full of spirit. Her warm tone and winning stage presence give her character a sunny soul” By D.L. Groover – Houston Press


“Megan Mikailovna Samarin offered a sonorous, cushy mezzo and an appealing earnestness.” By Joanne Sydney Lessner – Opera News


“Watch for mezzo-soprano Megan Mikailovna Samarin, an artist with vocal intrigue and acting skill to back it up as she proved as Romeo in Bellini’s I Capuleti e I Montecchi, in this season’s Faust and Nixon in China.” Sydney Boyd – Houstonia


“Megan Mikailovna Samarin is sweetly lovelorn in the boy's part of Siebel, her crystalline voice protesting his love and disappointment...” By Gary Laird - BWW


“Megan Samarin displays a pleasing mezzo and presence as the capricious Olga.” By Everett Evans – Houston Chronicle


“The mezzo Megan Samarin sang Anthony’s companion, Anne, with a tone light yet rich.” By Zachary Woolfe – New York Times


“Megan Samarin's lilting soprano is ideal for Johanna.” By Everett Evans – Houston Chronicle


“Mezzo-soprano Megan Samarin looked the part of Johanna—pretty, blond, virginal—but sang in a distinctly grand, operatic style.” By Sydney Boyd – Houstonia


“…the bright-voiced mezzo Megan Samarin as Lady Columbia” By Heidi Waleson – The Wall Street Journal


“…but the finest vocal performance was young artist mezzo-soprano Megan Samarin’s anguished Marzia, Cato’s daughter and Caesar’s lover.” By Michael J. Moran – In the Spotlight


“Megan Samarin is an imposing Lady Columbia, with impressive intonation and a confident, stately presence.” By Theodore Bale – Culture Map


“Young Artist Megan Samarin, as Marzia, makes a fine impression in the closest thing to an ingénue role in the work.” By Michael Johnson – Concerto Net


“Mezzo-soprano Megan Samarin played what we would call the conflicted Marzia who is damned by her father for loving his enemy. Samarin showed great vocal and physical agility. She is one of Glimmerglass’s Young Artists with a lovely voice that holds much promise.” By James Karas – James Karas Reviews


“Marzia, Cato’s daughter (Megan Samarin, strong-willed but vulnerable), is secretly in love with Caesar but has been promised by Cato to Arbace” By Pat Thorpe – All Otsego


“Another notable performance for me was Megan Samarin as Johanna, the innocent ward of the lascivious Judge Turpin. (We’re going to see Ms. Samarin as Lady Columbia in HGOco’s September 2015 world premiere of O Columbia, and I for one cannot wait.” By Amy Sisson – Electric Reviews